SpaceArm Dual Monitor Arm, Side by Side


The  SpaceArm Monitor solutions provided by SpaceCo optimize user workspace by supporting screens and laptops off the work surface. SpaceArm Dual Monitor Arm-Side by Side allows you to quickly and easily move your screen or laptop to the most ergonomically appropriate positions. The patented “Hub & Spoke” system permits easy field change from single to multiple screen applications. You can mount one to eight monitors on a single column. Sustainability and maximizing your investment is an inherent design feature in the SpaceArm series.


  • Security - Keep your monitors and hardware safe with anti-theft features.
  • Storage - Keep monitors up and out of the way to increase work flow area.
  • Organization - Easy access and alignment for multiple monitor or laptop applications.
  • Ergonomic - A wide range of adjustments puts your monitor in the most ergonomic position for your needs.
  • Space - Increases space efficiencies by positioning the monitor on an arm. This makes wasted space usable.
  • Technology - As your technology needs change, so will the SpaceArm. Flexible and adaptable for the inevitable change.
  • Environment - Sustainability is an inherent design feature.


  • Thermo -fused polyester finish
  • High pressure die - cast aluminum construction
  • 5 - axis position adjustment
  • Conforms to VESA 75mm x 75mm, 100mm x 100mm and 100mm x 200mm mounting patterns
  • Maximum vertical extension: 18.5 inches
  • Maximum horizontal extension: 20.4 inches
  • 5.5" high stationary column
  • 40 degrees of tilt (20 degrees+/20 degrees–)
  • 360 degree monitor rotation
  • 360 degree arm rotation
  • 2.5” (63.5mm) depth in the folded position
  • 4” (355.6mm) of travel (7”+ (177.8mm) above the center of hub and 7” (177.80mm) – below the center of hub)
  • Gas spring standard 5-16lbs. (2.67kg–7.25kg)
  • Gas spring options, 2-10lbs. (.90kg–4.53kg) and 15-32lbs (6.8kg 14.51kg)
  • Quick Change Mount and Direct Mount for monitor application
  • Mounts available: Bolt through, C-Clamp, Large C-Clamp, Grommet, Single Resolve, Double Resolve, Race, Wall, Column, SpaceBeam 1, SpaceBeam 2, Adjustable Slat-walls and a multitude of panel system brackets.


  • Available in Direct mount or Quick Release mount
  • Mounting options: Bolt through, C-clamp, Large C-clamp, Grommet. Additional mounting options available (panel, slatwall, beam, column, wall)
  • Colors: Black, White, Platinum
  • Adjustable weight ranges from 2 lbs - 10 lbs (1kg - 5 kg) or 5 lbs - 16 lbs (2.2kg - 6.8kg) or 15 lbs - 32 lbs (7kg -  14kg)
  • Add an additional laptop platform with or without a laptop lock Contact Ergobuyer
  • Extension tube attaches to existing hub to add additional height to monitor arm hub

SpaceArm Dual Monitor Drawings

Or call us for information on the following:

Double Hub

  • Scenario: Have a smaller desk space?
  • Pros: One desk mount / great space efficiency
  • Cons: Less flexibility with larger monitors

Tandem Mount

  • Scenario: Want monitors well aligned and positioned?
  • Pros: Aligns multiple monitors horizontally / ability to upgrade monitor size
  • Cons: Monitors do not move independently


  • Scenario: Continually upgrading monitors to accommodate technological advancements?
  • Pros: Flexibility with different monitor sizes / optimum flexibility and versatility / track is available in custom lengths 
  • Cons: Only two types of mounts, C-Clamp and Bolt Through / limited to extension of track


  • Scenario: Need to maximize vertical space?
  • Pros: Vertically tiered position / one desk mount / inexpensive
  • Cons: Only available in C-Clamp and Bolt Through