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Below you'll find comments from our customers. Names are shared where customers have agreed to do so, but all others are displayed anonymously to protect privacy.

Our customers are asked one of two questions following their purchase: (1) What does Ergobuyer do particularly well to earn your recommendation?; or (2) What would Ergobuyer need to do to earn a better recommendation?

We're happy to share all of our user comments. Below are comments about our company and purchase experience. You'll find additional user comments associated with individual products throughout the catalog.


What does Ergobuyer do particularly well to earn your recommendation?

Stock on hand at reasonable prices. Ships when promised. Contents arrive in great condition.
Susan Walp , Oregon Medical Group

Great customer service and a product line that does what is says.
Keith Osborne , Honeywell

Excellent customer service and follow up after each purchase. Quality products that solve issues without creating other ones.
Keith Osborne , Honeywell

I liked that the product was in-stock and the quickness of the shipment.
Daniel Garcia , AEP

You were the only company with a small work station, as opposed to a desk. And the price was OK.
Eve Rappoport , City of Torrance

Excellent products.
Sonia Paquette , Ergo and RTW Consulting

Fast service
Arik Payette , Cowan Insurance Group

Very helpful and friendly customer service, and speedy response.
Scott Keller , University of North Alabama

Keeping my middle and fourth fingers at rest instead of constant suspension.
Pamela Schriml , EKU Career Services

great follow-up after purchase - don''t remember the last time someone followed up on a purchase.
Ann Gagne , FOX23 WPFO-TV

Customer service was excellent
Ree Thompson , Aurora Public Schools

Online purchase was smooth- product was received quickly and in perfect condition. Internet site was easy to navigate around.
Yvonne McKinney , Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)

kept me informed and materials arrived when expected
Peter Smeltz , providence regional medical center everett

Prompt follow-up...excellent customer service.
Samantha Kieley , First Rehabilitation Resources, Inc.

Product selection and knowledgeable customer service.
Daniel Gottesman

Provides me with references. Also monitor the Ongoing Discussions and learn from those.
Janna Jacobs , BTE Technologies

low price. perfect service and communication.
Ben Sheridan

provide hard-to-find ergo products
Danielle Nowotny , Monsanto - Iowa Foundation

Great customer service!
Yvonne Desilva

they provide a good qaulity product
Gary Bowen , Defense Supply Center Richmond

Great Customer Service!
Cameron St. Cyr , ARAMARK Uniform Services

easy to use
Ceicalia Tesavrita , Parahyangan Catholic University

Solid customer service, and competitive pricing.
Patrick Bailey , Empire Pacific Risk Management

The service, after the purchase received a Email from the represantives of the company.
Samuel Arturo Vindiola Robles , CAL MEX SPECIAL SERVICE

Easy of use, and great and fast customer service to responde to your questions by mail.
Samuel Arturo Vindiola Robles

Quality of finish, sloped sides, appropriate size
William S. Henderson , ExxonMobil

Very innovative product.
Jeff Parker , Flow Companies, LLC

Ergobuyer increases my awareness of new products and ideas.
Candy Fishman

Quick turnaround and the service is very special.
Paul Larrieu

Keeps data up to date and very relevant.
Barbara Baum

Helpful, responsive, communicative
Ed Rawady , Words & Pictures

Follow up and communication
Liz Wong , Capella University

The woman I spoke with new the product very well and did her best to get the product to us quickly.
Angela Morris , Critchfield Mechanical, Inc.

updated and practical information
Jose Ignacio Gamboa , Idea Ergo

great help and wonderful customer service...
Timi Moreno , Sierra Imaging Associates

Prompt & good customer servrice; good price;
Lior Malka

Laura did a good job of determining which desk best suited our situation.
Scott Nelson , GEN Financial Mgmt

Very responsive and flexible customer service
Thomas Bonier

Laura Ritter Store Manager - Ergobuyer, LLC Was very helpful in listening to what I needed and making suggestions to help find a solution.
Neil Fletcher , Horrance Mann Companies

The website is very user friendly.
Hazel Hendrix , Wells Fargo Bank

Quick response on inital inquiry and quick return on State forms needed for purchase order
Mike Torres , Veterans Home Of California - Chula Vista

Communication is excellent, products I have ordered so far have proven to be reliable and meet expectations.
Marty Plante , Top Level Developments

Called to confirm and madea sugegstion that worked great.
Kenneth Hunt , Hunt Nissan

They worked very closely with me to optimize my order even when they were out of stock on my original selection.
Rey Brannen

Prompt service.
Richard Robinson , AbleTech

Communicate and they seemed concerned with doing a good job
Kurt Nunn , Cube Solutions

Ease of purchasing.
Jose Pagan

didn''t have any problems.
Petko Minkov

Based on the one product I have purchased from Ergobuyer, the product quality seems high; the web site was easy to use; and the shipping was quick.
Marybeth J Clark

Ergobuyer provided quick service.
Judy Hill , Lockheed Martin Space Systems

Make suggestions for products based on a description of my needs.
Christine Holmes , Bay Area Air Quality Management Dist

The items received were exactly as expected, and when I had a question about the monitor arm, it was answered promptly.
Dori Steele , Allergan, Inc.

The research...there are a ton of products on the market and Ergobuyer filters them down.
Eric Holton , CSX

Up to date topical ergo issues discussed. Relevant reference articles to support discussions for further investigation.
Patricia Hope , Essar Steel Algoma Inc

Reliable product and fast shipping.
Mary Cooke , PATH

Fast service on ordering and deliveries
Elaine Ryan , Intact Financial

Very fast; good communications.
Mark Nelson , Department of Philosophy

Easy to shop and buy, great product. Ingenious design. I learn new capabilities every day. Guess I should download the instruction manual, and find out more about this amazing product.
Sally Davis

Provide a wide variety of products to resolve carpal tunnel like issues. Quick shipping. Excellent customer support by way of personal follow-ups; not just some computer generated follow-up.
Jennifer Priest

Ergobuyer provides customer focused service and delivers a quality product in a timely manner.
Dj Lavalla

Helped my buy the right product.
Paul Douglas , Ferro Corp

Very knowledgeable customer service, helpful comments and recommendations given.
Susan Paik

the forums are good - they respond quickly to any needs - they send out the regular links
Debbie Schwartzentruber

Followed up with a problem I was having with the item I purchased. Great customer service!
Alondra Thomas , Ingham Intermediate

Very Good and outstanding service.

The expandability, I am 6''3" and I needed something that would accomodate my height, this works very well and it is very sturdy.
Marty Murry , FirstBank Southwest

On time and orders complete. The product is good and strong.
Susan Anderson , Signature Cabinets

See previous comments.
Janet Peterson , JP Ergonomics

The idea of a foot mouse was interesting to me. I am sure we can use the unit with one of our employees who is experiencing w/c issues.
Jean Ison Life Science Group - A/p , Bio-Rad Laboratories - Lsg

Friendly service and easy to understand instructions/program.
Jan Sweany , Olathe Service Center

Taking orders on line.
Kathy Landis , ConAgra Foods, Inc.

This is my first purchase and all went smoothly and the product was shipped quickly
Sandi Croan

Quick delivery.
Mark Temple

Web page easy to use, broad ergonomic information, easy to find, link with other colleagues to share experiences.
Jose Ignacio Gamboa , IDEAergo Ltda.

good product
William Towler

your product(s) actually live up to your advertisements which is extremely rare these days - people want your money but they will cut corners on the products! You guys are true to your word and I appreciate that!
Jewel Christmas

Possible area to improve-shipping cost.
Roberto Ruiz , Boston Scientific Corporation

Dianne Sumter , Teck American Incorporated

So far, the person I dealth with on the phone was very informative and went ot trouble to let me know how th pedal would work the way I need it to. She followed up efficiently as well.
Grace Young

Was most willing to work with me to determine the speed with which we could obtain the table/work station being ordered. The manufacturer has a lot of options for colors and sizes; but some are more readily available than others and for our purposes we elected to modify our choices in order to obtain the table sooner.
Linda Keith

Simple to use
Ron Witte , Ecolab

very helpful courteous service
Armand Brun , Seatide Import & Export

excellent mats
Charles Harris , Pharmcare Pharmacy

The product works the way it should. And that''s important with ergonomically designed equipment. I tell them that the product will prove beneficial in this particular way and it is important for that to prove true. The monitor arm has met and exceed my expectations.
Glenn Washington , Goodyear

Attenetion to the order and dollow-up
Wally Lumpkins , Gannett Co. Inc

Great response times to queries, easy to navigate around the Ergobuyer site.
Mary McNeill , Centrelink

The quality is very good but I also like the follow-up. Nice!
Albert Vallecillo , Cambios Design + Management

Fast turnaround
Julie McAbee , UCSB-Ergonomist

Great product, great customer service and open communication
Michael Burger , Michael Burger & Assoc.

Ease of ordering
Barbara Witthoft , ExxonMobil

Great customer support. Good website. Good prices.
Charles Paine , Steel Toe Rhetorics, LLC

The follow up E-Mails after the online purchase were commendable.
Willie McGee

Great infomration and very friendly and responsive staff.
Cindy Burt , UCLA EH&S

They have always been ready to accomodate me if I had any problems and that is a rarity in itself!....Great company great people........
Jacqueline Pierson

Beatriz Ortega , ExxonMobil Development

High level of courtesy and considerable effort to satisfy my order.
Karen Steele

Excellent customer service.
Jerome Charoy

I received excellent customer service.
Beverly Christmas

Communicate with the customer!
Lisa Adair , Washington State University

Great customer service and the product line is one where you know you get quality.
Keith Osborne , Honeywell

Great customer service. Quick turn arounds on orders
Keith Osborne , Honeywell

Great products and solid customer service.
Keith Osborne , Honeywell

Always great customer service and an eye for forward thinking products.
Keith Osborne , Honeywell

Excellent customer service. Extremely high due dilligence when screening products to ensure they are indeed ergonomic.
Keith Osborne , Honeywell

Your customer service is excellent, and prices are competitive. Laura went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with my purchase. Thank you so much!
Carolyn Barrett , Goucher College

Maybe supply some of that gripper material along with the charms to make it even more secure....worked great for me! May not be liked much by people that has that problem of slipping. It takes about a square foot for for each charm. Fold up to match your chair arm on top of the arm & cover with the charm......fantabulous!

Good range of products offered. Knowing that the company owner Peter Budnick is a highly respected and knowledgeable certified professional ergonomist.
Lynda Enos , HumanFit, Inc

Good product, good customer service.
Stephanie Johnson , Willmer SOS Dental Clinic

I called and talked to a lady who was very nice to talk to. She also helped to find the right product for what I needed for.
Jose Gamboa , Cordevalle Golf Club

Good product. Rapid delivery
Alan Davidson , The University of Auckland

Good service!!
Marga Van Iwaarden

The best customer service ever!!!
Tetyana Osaulets

Quality adjustable height workstation used in medical manufacturing assembly operation with ergonomic application. Have purchased approx. six tables to date with favorable feedback from the production floor.
Danielle Granger , Navilyst Medical

I receive a quick response.
Danielle Granger , Navilyst Medical

Customer follow-up to concerns and order changes. They didn''t let the ball drop on the changes and minimized the hassle of the purchase.
Andrew Reilly

good communication, fast delivery, great price, and excellent product!
Lauren Casentini , Resource Solutions Group

Good to work with. Response to my emails were great. Laura was very friendly and helpful.
Jan Collier , Jefferson County Health Dept

Answered my questions, quick shippping, easy to contact and speak to someone, very friendly and consumer conscious.
Maryann Vollenweider

delivered quickly

Informative articles, expert recommendations, product research help, good peer exchange.
Tricia Britt , Jacobs Technology, Inc - ESCG Group

The return process for the first roller bar mouse was a bit cumbersome. I had to wait for a no. to put on the package and then the refund took a little while.
Rebecca Jensen , Jensen Occupational Therapy

Ease of ON SCREEN use and instant calcultion output
Robert Fogg , Total Risk Solutions Pty Limited

Provides technical output that is easy to read (and understand)
Robert Fogg , Total Risk Solutions Pty Limited

Doug Darois , Steiny & Company

Thanks for keeping me informed of the staus of my order and also for asking me about the color of the light because I forgot to indicate same. Also, you provided directions when they were not included with the pourchase.
Fred Halvorsen

Jamie Bequette , Atmel

Easy-to use tool results.
Martha Sanders

Easy to use Website and a great product.
Carla Rosendahl , Weyerhaeuser

Quick shipping.
Joe Grysiewicz

Good graphic user interface, usability is very good, all that I need in a single portal.
Jose Concepcion , Volvo Construction Equipment

prompt service
Madeline Landrau , ETS

Prompt service good prices I had priced the product online through a vendor I had previously purchased the TaskMate from, and by the time our customer was ready to place the order, their prices had gone up drastically. Since our quote to the customer was still current we stood to lose money on the sale or void our quote. But luckily your price resolved what could have otherwise been a real issue. Thanks!
Laurie Brooks , Access Technologies, Inc.

Support in my purchase and use was right there, isnt that unusual?
Linda Day

Fast response. Cheap price.
Trong Dao Le , Facebook Inc,

Get product, fast shipping.
Sara Zembrodt , Eli Lilly & Co

Service rep worked with me when I ordered the wrong size document holder and was willing to change order before shipment, crediting me back for the difference.
Dianne Sumter , Teck American Incorporated

Great product, great price, and speedy delivery.
Jackson Ludwig , Paladino and Company, Inc

Delivery was very fast.
Liz Vasquez , San Francisco Chronicle

On this one purchase anyway, it was easy to find what I wanted (although I already knew I wanted a Perfit). The order was shipped quickly and arrived faster than expected.
Howard Eglowstein

Fast quote, great product selection worked well with me.
Tom Bennett , Snowshift

Sales, after sales, product and delivery were all great.
Dorothy Taylor , Datamat Pty Ltd

I really enjoyed the follow-through on my order. I never felt like I was left in the dark trying to figure out where my order was in the process - that is important to me.
Lavonne Skott , TrueBlue, Inc.

Provides good products to address ergo issues.
Kristian Stewart , ExxonMobil IT

Their customer service is the best! Peter and I talked on the phone several times to determine which product would be best for me. And Laura followed up. She consulted with the vendor to identify how best to make the purchase work for me and, when I needed to return it, helped me throughout the process to make sure it happened.
Linda Myers

The items to accommodate our cubicle set up arrangement.
Connie Bazan , Austin Energy

Keeps current
Lorel Hammerstad , EWI Works International Inc.

With the accommodation requests for users by their physical for ergo equipment; Ergobuyer is very efficient, quick to assist and the products are very helpful to the users.
Deborah Schwebel , Defense Supply Center Richmond

friendly service
John Olivas , Larimer County, Engineering

Nice people to work with & follow up with order.
Miguel Diaz , Chevron

Fast Delivery and good price
Paul Brisson , Testmetric

Excellent source of information & provision of pro/con of ergonomic marketed products.
Claire Baker , Munroe Regional Medical Center

Good communication and follow-up.
Jane Wood , Wood Development Group

Easy to order online and was prompt in delivery. Nice products.
Marlene Partridge , Deluxe Corporation

Ergobuyer researches the benefits then produces and markets a unique product which is ergonomically beneficial to its customers.
Estelle Terry , City of Mount Airy

Efficient delivery and customer service.
Maria Malca

It''s easy to place an order on your website, and the customer service is very good.
Mark Hank , Eucentra Consulting, LLC

Offers products from multiple manufacurers and lists the pricing online.
Ben Fulmer , Dupont

I was very pleased with the assistance I received when the item I ordered was on backorder; I was able to get something that met my needs very quickly!
Scott Dexter

Good customer service. Ordered wrong product and had to return it - not a problem.
Attention: Purchasing

keeps us up to date with forums, news in the industry, benchmarking, tools etc
Debbie Schwartzentruber , MapleLeaf Foods

up-to-date products, issues, etc.
Patricia Hope , Essar Steel Algoma Inc.

Peter Budnick was very knowledgable and got us the quotes and processed the order quickly which was very important to us.
Jody Shreve , USDA

Kept me in the loop for any shipping issues.
Rose Adam , WorleyParsons Canada Ltd.

Floor Mats
Rebecca Benjamin , ExxonMobil Exploration Company

Yes, if someone was looking for a similar product.
Trina Bergen , University Physicians Healthcare

Just the fact that I can both sit and/or stand and the price is right
Terry Unterbrink , InSinkErator

provide what was asked for and in a timely manner
Nina Fairley , Chevron

They allow me to make a purchase without setting up an account. They also are very prompt with shipping. I also like the fact that their search engine always finds the right product that I am searching for.
Joycelyn Funderburk , ExxonMobil Exploration Company

Best price for this product. Outstanding customer service.
Julia Henderson , Monsanto Company

Ease of ordering and installation upon receipt of item(s)
Frances Akers , CO Dept of Transportation

[Good] customer service response time.
Alison Godlewski

The products appear to be ergonomically friendly.

Just want to thank you for great people like Dr. Peter Budnick, with whom I had the pleasure of speaking earlier today. As a former physician w/ NIOSH based in SLC, and an orthopedic surgeon for 3 decades, I've always had a focus on ergonomics and musculoskeletal disorders -- esp. the spine. I am purchasing an ergoFET and found your fascinating website while doing so. With your permission, I'll continue to visit same. Thanks for the input.
Walter Finnegan

The company has a small, friendly, & "family" feeling whenever we do business with them or converse with anyone there.
Carolyn Coffin , Sound Ergonomics

Great customer service and response to my needs.
Jane Wood , Wood Development Company

The level of detail in the training information will serve any participant well. The format was easy to understand; the tests were relevant and I like the fact I have a year to go back and review the data. This will help me study for the CEA exam next year.
Pamela Cisky , Dow Corning

It was processed, and shipped quickly. It arrived properly packed with all of the pieces and instructions. And was exactly what was advertised.
Eric Hanna

Easy to work with, good follow-up, friendly.
Bob Wilkins , Metro Wastewater Reclamation Dist

Ship my purchase on time and cost was resonable.
Homa Morrison , HMC

Your prompt attention to the questions I raised about my tracbars performance.
Dr. William Nunn , Hamilton Center

Great customer service and excellent follow up after the sale.
Keith Osborne , Honeywell

Great customer service. Products are all very high quality.
Keith Osborne , Honeywell

Fast, efficient sercive. Great customer service if there are changes to orders,
Keith Osborne , Honeywell

Excellent customer service.
Keith Osborne , Honeywell

Very good customer service. As a recent example, Laura Ritter went out of her way to get me a substitute machanical table which I use in my assessments.
Keith Osborne , Honeywell

The site is one of the easiest to use and customer service is always top notch.
Keith Osborne , Honeywell

Shipping was quick, and the follow-up service was timely.
Lorna Branzuela

Great service, great my new mouse [Orthomouse]
Linda Bushell

Timely access to information; research; and excellent unbiased review of products which is what our clients expect of us here in Canada as well
Jane Sleeth , OPC Inc

I like the fact that you guys delivered on time. The product has been great.
Jessica Melendez , CareFusion

Offers current research and information and a wide range of topics within the ergonomics arena.
Janna Jacobs

Readily accessible.
Ann Beinhorn , Proactive Ergonomics

Helpful quantitative tools and explanations
Gerri Pennachio

My order was processed and shipped flawlessly and the price was the best around. I''m very satisfied. Thanks!
Jason Duncan

The product is fine, the service, i.e. the feedback was prompt and professional.
John McCabe

Good product selection, excellent customer service.
Mark Hank , Eucentra Consulting, LLC

I love that everything was included in the package. down to the quality wall toggle/anchors. Typically you would get the cheap anchors that you look at tell yourself "As if thats gonna hold anything"
Robert Sanders , St. Joseph Mercy Hospital

Well I went online and placed my order and it was easy and Ergobuyer had a reasonable price and could get it delivered faster than other Companys I had looked at.
Angela Morris , Critchfield Mechanical, Inc.

The ordering and delivery of the items was quick and easy. The workstation helps the user tremendously.
Susan Miller , Air Force Institute of Technology

Delighted with the quality of the product and customer support was exceptional.
Thomas Nosenzo

Secure website I felt comfortable ordering from. Prompt initiation of process to get the product shipped. Kept me informed of when to expect it.
Roger Jensen

Competitive prices, good responsiveness on customer service.
Doug Erickson , Partnet

very accommodating for individuals with disabilities
Annazette Houston , Univ. of TN / Disability Services

Fast, reliable product as depicted
Barbara Bartlett , Infinity FCU

Very straightforward to deal with, has the right products.
Dan Brown , Bruxton Corporation

Informative website, and quick delivery.
Alessandro Pinto , UTRC Inc.

Quick ordering and delivery.
Penelope Jerr , UTRC

Excellent customer service!
Phillip Miller , Lake Shastina Family Medicine

Offered a replacement to meet the need.
Marvia Jefferson , ExxonMobil/Global Services Company

Fast shipping, good customer service, great return policy.
Stuart Krichevsky , Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency, Inc.

Fast shipping and responded quickly to request for an invoice.
Lisa Nelson , ExxonMobil Exploration Company

Construction is high quality, quick delivery of product, well packaged.
Cherrie Johnston , InSinkErator

Responds quickly
Suzanne Quist , Lockheed Martin

Quick enrollment and easy to use instructions Good options for downloading forms and outputing results
Craig Halpern

Excellent customer service!
Pamela Bouallegue , Aviation Weather Center

Laura is has been very helpful in finding the products that I needed, and she made sure to explain the dimensions, so I could choose between options without any surprises.
Lynette Elliott , Weyerhaeuser

I like the products.
Eileen Moore , Disability Resource Center

Ergobuyer had the product felt would best resolve my issues, which they have.
Supply Warehouse 22p855 , V. A. Medical Center

They are quick responding to questions and when they don''t know exact information, they research it and get back to you promptly. Also, their prices were better than competitors for my purchase.
Daniel Rautmann

Provides me with monthly reports to help keep me current. As well as the ability to review previous reports.
Dana Shull

Good product, prompt delivery.
Karen Johnston , Western Piedmont Community College

Ergobuyer is great about follow up. I never feel like I''m left in the dark if I have a question or concern about a product. I''m always more than satisfied with the customer service.
Lynette Elliott , Weyerhaeuser

Personal service. I''ve called a couple times to make sure the item I was looking at online was what I really needed, and I''ve beem able to talk to a human without a big hassle, and they always know the products. I really appreciate that!
Lynette Elliott , Weyerhaeuser

Customer service is extremely supportive and knowledeable. My Sales rep (Peter Budnick) was excellent.
Russ Hiroto , Atlas Sales & Rentals

great product and service
Caroline Karwinski , Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion

Excellent communication leading up to and after the sale. Flexibility to ship through our freight forwarder. Offering the table base only so that we could add our own custom table top.
David Bryant , MSA (Aust) PTY LTD

By having a good quality product.
Jeanne Buller , Advanced Pools & Technology

Prompt delivery, good follow-up.
Howard Jiunn-Haur Yu , Teradici

Customer service.
Howard Jiunn-Haur Yu , Teradici

Quality Product and excellent communication and service.
Robert Baker

It puts out a great product.
Heather Qualman , ExxonMobil

great customer support and fast shipping
Delia Flores , Data Exchange Corporation

provides a professional report in a timely and dependable manner
Debbie Schwartzentruber , Maple Leaf Foods

Ordering, confirmation, shipment process all quick and efficient.
Lei Bernal-Vale

You are helpful and pleasent to work with.
Dennis Donovan , Pacific Union College

quick delivery; quality product
Kathleen Stryker , Exxon Mobil Corporation

I really like the one stop catalogue of products.
Michael Smeland

fast shipment easy assembly quality product
Aaron Duncan , Mesa Design Group

low price good customer service
Bill Jirles

Easy to order, flexible billing, quick shipment.
John McMurtry , St. Jude Medical

When I call to order the rugs Jane is always so nice and very helpful.
Connie Bruss , Watertown Hometown Pharmacy

Fast service and courteous staff. Great price. Great product.
Joanne Horne , Social Security Administration

Easy to order, arrived in a timely manner
Dominique Lewis , Spot Trading LLC

timely shipping
Susan Sivertson , St. Louis County Public Works Dept

I liked being able to customize it and when it was assembled it was exactly what we needed.
Casey Phillips , Partnerships In Community Living Inc.

No problems buying product, fast delivery time.
Gary Bjorklund , Grant County P.U.D.

Timely shipping and excellent product
Susan Sivertson , St. Louis County Public Works Dept.

Good products. Easy to reach and short time waiting for reply.
Vanessa Warneke

Very attentive and helpful. Great product.
Michael Godfrey , True Course Living, Learning, Leading

Great product
John Carroll Elementary School , PO 513222

Outstanding customer service.
Alene Thomas , US Fish and Wildlife Service

Ergobuyer worked with me to recommend the correct product for my needs.
Jami Monico , UNMC College of Nursing

Checking with me after delivery to see if I was satisfied with the product was good to see. You even checked more than once!
Carolyn Heindel

Laura was great to work with. The quality is good. The price was right.
Bryan Johnson

Easy to read and understand.
Jenny Watkins , Weyerhaeuser Company

Fast service. Item exactly as advertised.
Carol Snobeck , Orthopedic Institute

Product was excellent quality.
Raja Ziady

Customer service, follow up after purchase, shipping speed.
Monica Stratton , Oregon Judicial Department

Friendly people to talk to
Connie Bruss , Sussex Hometown Pharmacy

great customer service! Laura Ritter is wonderful!
Laurie Medley , Dupont

great customer service
Laurie Medley , Dupont

The products that are offered are excellent and affordable. The website is very easy to navigate.
James Garza , Pearson

fast delivery and quality equipment
Debbie Burlison , University of Arkansas, Admin Bldg, Rm 220

Good selection. Information on weight, best use, etc. super fast shipping!
Thomas Strand , The Energy Foundation

product and service meets expectations.
Jack Gorzeman

The customer service was great and the products arrived on time.
Hans Edwards , Edwards & Hill Office Furniture

See first comment
Michael Lincoln , Next Century

Good design, solid construction, ease of use.
Thad Hunsaker , Bear River Mental Health

The decision making process was made easier for me by the fact you had such comprehensive descriptions and photos of the products on your website. I was impressed with your prompt service. I received the product in only 5 business days. I''ve already recommended your company to my chiropractor, who is very interested in seeing the RollerMouse in action.
Lynn Millen

Easy to make orders online, prompt shipping and invoices.
Kerry Kemp , Lockheed Martin

Friendly people to work with and everyone is happy with the products we get.
Connie Bruss , Hometown Pharmacy Attn: Karen

Saved me from back pain.
Mary Lawry , lts environmental, inc

Prompt service
Cameron St Cyr , ARAMARK Uniform Services

Updated me about the fact that the product would be ready by the end of august.
Steve Radermaker

Solid piece of equipment that looks/feels to last a good while. Adjusts easily without struggle which is great for someone who is constantly in need of space and movement.
Kenneth Horner , USDA

Received exactly what I ordered. Quick delivery and relatively easy to assemble.
Andrew McDonnell , Midstates Petroleum

Communication is always key, and the team at ergobuyer is very responsive and proactive.
Anonymous, Goleta, CA

Customer Service is Awesome! All of the items I have purchased have exceeded my expectations.
Anonymous, Adairsville, GA

Quick feedback on products.
Anonymous, Houston, TX

Laura was very helpful, informative and friendly. Would highly recommend Ergobuyer.
Anonymous, Wailuku, HI

Took the time to listen, good followup.
Anonymous, Denver, CO

Excellent customer service.
Anonymous, Littleton, CO

The price is right.
Anonymous, Vacaville, CA

useful tools and info
Anonymous, Anaheim, CA

Great customer service
Anonymous, Boyes Hot Springs, CA

Easy to make purchases - a single phone call to complete.
Anonymous, Murray, KY

Fast response. Easy order form.
Anonymous, Salt Lake City, UT

Fast delivery. Ergobuyer had the best price for this product.
Anonymous, Salt Lake City, UT

Personal attention on this buy
Anonymous, Orlando, FL

good communication and flexability with the purchasing process (unit was purchased via a corporate account process)
Anonymous, Greenville, SC

Pay money back when not necessery for sendingcosts
Anonymous, Netherlands (Holland)

safe, secure online shopping
Anonymous, Bryson City, NC

Quick responses. Like the website.
Anonymous, Rockton, IL

AnErgobuyer rep called me back and recommended another company becasue they did not have a program that I was interested in.
Anonymous, Asheville, NC

Good stuff!!
Anonymous, Akron, OH

You offer a unique forum.
Anonymous, Salt Lake City, UT

Great selection.
Anonymous, Los Angeles, CA

Had the product in stock and shipped quickly. Site was easy to use and navigate.
Anonymous, Lincoln, RI

I have only gotten The Ergonomics Report from you. Service was good and I always enjoy the Ergoweb.
Anonymous, Santa Barbara, CA

I like that I'm able to take this course on line.
Anonymous, Suffolk, VA

Networking with other professionals and keeping us up to date on current ergo legislation and research.
Anonymous, Los Angeles, CA

The product actually works and helped our personnel.
Anonymous, Humacao, PR

Fast shipping and cheaper prices than the others!
Anonymous, Brainerd, MN

Easy to follow training & excellent resources.
Anonymous, Grand Junction, CO

The ability to get high quality products at a great price. Also, quick customer service from people and not automated systems.
Anonymous, Columbia, SC

They are prompt in replying to a customer's problem and resolve it immediately.
Anonymous, Pensacola, FL

Meets my expectations.
Anonymous, Kintnersville, PA

Your prices were very competitive. In this particular case much less expensive.
Anonymous, GRESHAM, OR

user friendly; efficient
Anonymous, Houston, TX

Good customer service. Good product.
Anonymous, Memphis, TN

Quick, personal feedback when I asked questions.
Anonymous, Canada

Easy ordering, fast shipping, quality product.
Anonymous, Thaxton, VA

Excellent Customer Service. Very Knowledgeable about their products and willing to answer questions both through email and over the telephone. This makes them a company that is a cut above.
Anonymous, Palo Alto, CA

Quick service. Good products.
Anonymous, Canada

Good variety of products.
Anonymous, Chatham, NJ

Ergobuyer was prompt in response to my questions and items ordered were shipped sooner than promised.
Anonymous, Sedro Woolley, WA

Easy access to pertinent articles (ergoweb) and products.
Anonymous, Ocala, FL

Great service! Has a product that is not readily available.
Anonymous, Austin, TX

Service was fast, products good.
Anonymous, Canada

Great products and receive products in a timely manner.
Anonymous, Houston, TX

Ergobuyer gives good service and product.
Anonymous, Hamden, CT

Ergobuyer supplies products that I need to accurately assess ergonomic hazards every day.
Anonymous, Canada

Competitive pricing, prompt delivery, satisfaction follow-up.
Anonymous, Canada

efficient service.
Anonymous, Hartford, CT

Good product, no problem ordering and the order arrived in a timely manner with no complications.
Anonymous, Olympia, WA

Customer Service is GREAT!
Anonymous, Seattle, WA

Easy to renew my subscription to The Ergonomics Report.
Anonymous, Hanover, MD

The phone interaction was quite pleasant (too bad she never had the chance to know Hal, though) and, as I said before, I appreciated the fast delivery.
Anonymous, Fairborn, OH

quality products/people
Anonymous, Harrisburg, PA

Easy to use and very understandable.
Anonymous, Glen Ellyn, IL

Ergobuyer is a good procurement vendor.
Anonymous, KEYPORT, WA

Ergobuyer completed the order efficiently and I received my order intact.
Anonymous, Baton Rogue, LA

Friendly assistance from a professional.
Anonymous, Park City, UT

Ergobuyer provides quality products that aren't gimmicks.
Anonymous, Milpitas, CA

prompt service
Anonymous, Houston, TX

I truly appreciated the convenience and the speed of service. I received the manual I ordered a couple of days earlier than I expected. Thank you.
Anonymous, Omaha, NE

Ergobuyer offers quality products.
Anonymous, Covington, LA

Have what I want and quick service.
Anonymous, McGaw Park, Unlisted

Appreciated the constant contact during the process. Any more it''s likely that once a merchant has your money you won''t hear from them again. Your price for the 7Flex helped as well.
Anonymous, Bellevue, NE

All the products are there.
Anonymous, Minneapolis, MN

Easy access and easy to use.

They treat the customer with great respect, and sent my order quickly.
Anonymous, Houston, TX

Ergobuyer is current with information on products.

I can't believe that I have received my order so soon!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS
Anonymous, Lexington, NC

Arrival time of product and cost.
Anonymous, Austin, TX

Ergobuyer seems to have the latest products.
Anonymous, Canada

I love that knowledgeable monitors watch the site and comment if necessary. Its a great site and I recommend it all the time. I love that the news pops up and if it is of interest to me I can have a look - otherwise I can search for it at a later date by topic - very helpful.
Anonymous, Canada

I thought your customer service was great. Even though I needed to return an item, I felt completely taken care of. That's the kind of business practice that contributes to a healthy bottom line, by engendering loyalty and repeat business. I wish more company's knew this. Lauren
Anonymous, Beaveton, OR

Good quality. Prompt, accurate, reliable service. Cutting edge products.
Anonymous, Minneapolis, MN

Great customer service and prompt delivery.
Anonymous, Redstone Arsenal, AL

It was quick, thanks
Anonymous, Worthington, OH

Good products.
Anonymous, Scottsdale, AZ

Good customer service.
Anonymous, Ireland - Republic Of

Very easy to order, receive the items quickly.
Anonymous, Houston, TX

Great customer service. Also the ability to return the item in case it doesn''t suit you. Because it''s difficult to know if you''re spending your money on the right product. But the advice I got from your professional ergonomic consultant really helped me a lot in making the decision.
Anonymous, San Francisco, CA

Annual renewals are very easy. Every time I phone in, I reach an actual person who is very helpful.
Anonymous, Murray, KY

Excellent customer service and a nice product line.
Anonymous, Colorado Springs, CO

Right product, delivered quickly at the right price.
Anonymous, Eugene, OR

What would Ergobuyer need to do to earn a better recommendation?

More regular Ergonomic Reports.
Monica Byrne , Crs Australia

Too bad you don''t sell SpaceCo monitor arms. I had to go to another company to buy one (and it didn''t quite arrive as expected). Your product was exactly what I ordered. Thanks
Richard Jennings

Monitor Tension: Difficult to adjust with the supplied tool, the wide handle hits the main support as you try to tighten the nut so have to try to twist at an angle. Keyboard Tray: Tray does not lay flat enough, angles akwardly to the rear and it''s too small considering it also has to act as a mini desktop when you loose your physical desktop installing it. To counter the angle and too small surface I had to duct tape to empty hard cover 3 ring binders together and then tape them to the tray. Now I have a slight forward angle that''s more comfortable for typind and I have a slightly larger mini desktop. Highly recommend you modify the tray.
Joy Olson , Oregon Health & Science University

Not ask for a satisfaction survey so soon after receiving the product. I didn''t even have a chance to complete the training I purchased, much less explore anything else on the website that might be available to supplement the training, before I was asked to complete a survey about it.
Jennifer Garren , General Dynamics

Richard Norton , Marsh USA

Be published 2-3x/week and increase the content in each issue
James Herzog

The only thing I would change is the part about the brokerage fee that I already mentioned. There was great follow up when my package was not delivered right away.
Sandra Burke

All communications were electronic. It would be nice to have a person contact you especially for a review.

deliver the product in a more timely fashion
Ann-Elise Lewallen

maybe this is just my hand, but I think the base of the mouse where the lower part of the hand sits needs to be higher.
Kathy Goodman , Redwood Media

It was very easy to navigate through the website and place my order. My only complaint would be with regard to the shipping expense. I found it to be rather high.
Maria Villela , Research In Motion

Currently, I am not experienced enough with Ergobuyer to make any suggestions. My rating [7 out of 10] was based more on lack of experience than on dissatisfction.
Brad Barbera , Fellowes, Inc

More independent feedback and input from non-biased experts not interested in selling a product. [Ergobuyer Note: We agree, so we've since added the ability for any purchaser to share comments based on their own experience with our products. Our mission is to maintain a catalog of effective ergonomic products, and actual user experience and feedback is an important part of our product selection and retention criteria.]
Teresa Boynton , Bannerhealth

my mistake,really,as i thought the mat would be softer and thusly better to stand on.
Russell Bates

Get my order to me in a much quicker fashion, took entirely to long
Greg Younger , Younger Construction Co, Inc.

deliver on time, be more organized with shipping (our product arrived way after the ETA we were given), deliver the product according to the original request (we received the wrong color)
Dolores Rossignoli , Occidental College

Not sure, this is the first item we have purchased from you, I believe.
Tammy Patterson , Circle Medical Devices

valores maism acessiveis,softwares de ergonomia voltado a queixas dos colaboradores em desenvolvimento por mim
Jaime Neto , VIVA VIDA

No big deal !! I just renewed my subscription to ErgoWeb. However, that is really hard to do on your site, since one is not buying a "thing" but only a service. Perhaps you should have a unique site for the subscription Jeremy Rickards
Jeremy Rickards , Selby Assoc. Inc.

There are now quite a few resources that are free or less expensive. I know that is a concern for people. While I still prefer the total package that you provide, I believe others are just looking for tools.
Faye Fick

I don''t really have any input someone else did the purchase. It seemed to get here quickly and in fine shape as I expected.
Tim Ellifritz , Creative Stage Lighting

I had one wrong piece shipped with it, luckily it was one of the wire covers which is trivial and I don''t care about it (otherwise I would bother calling for the correct piece). I also had to email to ask when it would be shipped as it was past the estimated date. But the response was very quick and courteous, so I would recommend.
Aaron Herzog

The CD product is a reflection of the compnay, the CD collection is a bit out of date and the images are a little limited. I think an update for the images is about due. I was very statisfied with the ordering process and speed of shipment.
Tina Minter , Chubb Insurance

Faster shipping
Candace Thompson

unsure...have other resources that I use also, so don''t just use one source.
Patricia Wawzyniecki , University of Connecticut Health Center

You used to have an extensive section on the background for ergonomics. I used to refer individuals to this. I see it''s still available but hard to find. Also a commputer evaluation would be good, althought many exist on the web.
Martha Sanders

More illustrations of how to use the attachments and more examples of how it can be used in different situations.
Haunani Taylor , Kyoho Manufacturing, CA

Quicker ship time
Andrea Stock , Vodafone

everything is fine
Susan Cotter , University of Pittsburgh

[What could Ergobuyer do to improve?] Offer every single product I need! :) Great selection though.
Darrington Crane , UNUM

Probably nothing. I need to find my passcode to look at the product
Peggy Ross , Baxter Healthcare Corp.

Would like to see more networking opportunities, more indepth information on policy development and ROI
Barbara Daugherty

One contact person and a free demo. In a State Agency, the possibilities of increased orders is greater if we have a piece of equipment to allow others in the department to try.
Andrea J Tyrone , Washington State Labor & Industries

For what my company does, it just isn''t all that relevant. I bought the subscription to see 1 article that was on patient handling products.
Nikki Wustman

prices are a bit on the high side.
Leah Konwinski , Disher

Make it easier to contact them if there is a problem with the product.
Christianne Gierloff

I thought the pricing was a bit too high
Marjorie White , ACS

I wouldn''t know. The rep. was good but Like my earlier comment I was hoping for more comfort.
Todd Latta , Rockwell/Collins

No comment.
Helena Rutkowski , WorkSafeBC

Give me some time to use the resource and get more familiar with it.
Mike Heembrock , Chubb Group Ins. Co.

Include full journal studies
Jeanne DeMars

I feel that the amount of Ergonomics Report articles that are actually paid for have decreased recently. I would appreciate additional and more varied topics as well.
Valarie Beecher , Upstate Medical University Hospital

Suggestions in first box
Jaye Thompson , Mead Johnson Nutrition

Product came with no instruction manual or assembly manual- make sure items included or link on website before sending product
Tim Kuzma , Alpha Modalities LLC

The first pair was lost by Fed EX - not your fault. The second pair was the wrong size - your fault. Make sure employees know the value of selecting the correct size when shipping.
Ann Wharton

More and newer scientific research articles, especially about carpal tunnel, wrists, and shoulders, elbows backs. Keep us current with the latest advice re: changes in recommendations of adaptive ergo equipment such as floor mats, wrist rests, different style mice, joint or back bracing, etc.
Diane Bemis

see my earlier note on an additional `pick'' button for the thumb.
Rick Sauerzopf , Stantec

I was very satisfied with the experience. A glitch in the on-line ordering process provided inaccurate shipping costs which was frustrating.

Lower price.
Jack Milford , Primus

Send the right product, with all the parts.
Glenn Washington , The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Kevin Carter , CPI

I always feel it''s good to shop around especially with ergonomic products as they are so personal! Being in the middle isn''t so bad. :-)
Frankie Marazzi

If there was better ability to get products to australia
Julie Armour , Working Armour

Your website seems a bit antiquated.
Adam Atkinson-Lewis , Energy Foundation

Some of the documentation could be greatly improved, especially since keyboard sequences for things like remapping, programming macros, and using the foot pedal are complex. The documentation is baffling. I''ve studied and studied and I still don''t understand the difference between a single foot pedal and whatever that other option is. The layout of control keys (Ctrl, Option, home, end) is troublesome, especially for a typist who has used microsoft ergonomic keyboards.
Lucinda deCapiteau

Create one for a person with a large hand, my hand measurement from tip of finger to wrist is 7 5/8"???
Timothy Glass , Korda Nemeth Engineering

Price was too high for the the product we recieved.
Michael Smith , Whirlpool

Nothing, it was my first buying experience with you, but it was a minor purchase, so I don''t feel I got a complete experience in dealing with you. But what I have expeienced has been very good. I have no complaints or suggestions for improvment.
Charles Haight , Cedar Springs Technologies, Inc.

Search by need (pain in neck i.e.)
Lisa Tabler , LINAK

Shipping and handling times on products need to be accurate. Do not but "note" boxes in the checkout process unless you are going to read them in a timely manner.
Sarah Beckley , Manifest

See previous comments
Kai Chiu

Syamsiah Morad , Intel Product (bhd)

Stated earlier.
Bob Creamer , Allen Family Foods, Inc

Better installation and usage instructions
Christopher Fischer , MakeMusic Inc.

Go back to reporting on scientific ergonomic research
Julie Armour , Working Armour

Prices are very high
Melissa Britton , Oregon Medical Group

Provide more information on products online. For work we purchased a ErgoFET force Gauge Dynamometer a couple of years ago and it is a great piece of equipment, but does not data log, you must have your computer present on site to record information. If I had known this I would have purchased a dynamometer which can data log.
Aaron Unger

Consistently lower prices then Amazon or would earn a better reputation. Today I send all my friends to first (best prices, good customer service, great return policies, and even better search and compare tools, and all the community reviews and feedback on products). does not see the product I bought from your web site.
Jason Hanson

More resources should be posted on your website
Colleen Foley , SMUD

N/A. i am in Australia!
Josephine Bills , PhysioLink P/L

Monica Sayre , ExxonMobil

Your tool is useful for me, but adding better resources and tool would gain a higher rating withour having to pay additional fees
Colleen Foley , Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Great product. Love the mat. Why I gave an 8 instead of a 10: Processing the order and shipping it took two weeks; most online orders take less than a week, with only 1-2 days of processing.
Anonymous, Santa Rosa, CA

I am just not in a position to make such recommendations. I would use the equipment I bought again and was very pleased with the delivery speed.
Anonymous, Newburgh, IN

Less expensive
Anonymous, Littleton, CO

I do not use all features of the mouse and refrain from informed recommendations.
Anonymous, Saint Louis, MO

Would like to have this site translated in another language.
Anonymous, Brazil

Website was difficult to find products. You need a search window. [Ergobuyer follow-up note: Thanks, we've added several new search capabilities to make it easier to find what you need!]
Anonymous, Chandler, AZ

Purchase order number
Anonymous, Winona, MN

A representative office for others country, especially on South East Asia region.
Anonymous, Indonesia

I'm not sure. Although your representative was very helpful with my recent order issues, in the end, I did not receive the product. A damaged product arrived as the original order and in the end, the resolution was that my money was refunded. Perhaps if you had an order mechanism in place that allowed for easy exchanges for APO addresses overseas I would be more likely to give Ergobuyer a better recommendation. The bottom line is that I liked the product and simply wanted to buy it but could not.
Anonymous, APO, AE

I had never hear of your products. A nurse had them on and I asked her about them, etc. Perhaps you need to advertise more.
Anonymous, Frankfort, OH

Nothing much. I'm just hesitant to recommend your site after only one purchase.
Anonymous, Poway, CA

More information about your process would be helpful. I did receive information, but it was a couple of days after I ordered and it was a flurry and then the product arrived. Especially if it's a new customer, I think the step-by-step information reassures people that you are a reputable company that wants to provide great service.
Anonymous, Indianapolis, IN

You did a great job for a first time buy - thank you.
Anonymous, Thornton, CO

You're site was a link sent to me by our nurse. You're was very easy to deal with and I will look to you on my next purchase.
Anonymous, Indianapolis, IN

I contacted your office shortly after my purchase to request a refund because the tutorial presented the software as very user friendly, to be used by medical personnal etc. It is very advanced and not at all what was represented. No one has bothered to return my call and the software is not being utilized at this time. I feel as though your product was misrepresented and it is very frustrating that no one has responded to my inquiry for a possible refund. (Bad business) [Ergobuyer Note: This comment was submitted before we had a chance to follow-up with her. We apologized for any confusion and refunded her purchase immediately. We also reviewed the marketing materials for the product in question, Ergoweb's Computer Based ergonomics Training (CBeT) system, and although it appeared to be clearly designed for those seeking professional development, as opposed to employee awareness, we've updated the materials to make its purpose and target audience clearer.]
Anonymous, Bellefontaine, OH

no comment
Anonymous, Canada

Ask customers, i.e. give them a choice prior to incurring disproportionately high costs for shipping.
Anonymous, Canada

faster delivery
Anonymous, Torrance, CA

Resolve confusion in shipping. (i.e. conflicting emails).
Anonymous, San Diego, CA

It is not ergobuyer so much but my expereince with US suppliers is that if they do not have and Australian distributor they are not interstd in providing products.
Anonymous, Australia

Offer the best price.
Anonymous, Canada

When there is a product like the Ergonomics Report available on your site, there is no other recommendation needed.
Anonymous, Canada

Hello, My item was late, which was OK, but I wasen't notified that is going to be late since it was not in stock. Better communications. Thank you
Anonymous, Kettering, OH

Anonymous, Palmdale, CA

I wish you weren't a competitor.
Anonymous, Olympia, WA

Nothing. I think that Ergobuyer does a pretty good job. The only issue may be with price of products but that is difficult to change.
Anonymous, Fort Collins, CO