Purchase Orders

Ergobuyer is well equipped to address the special needs of corporate, government and educational buyers. Give us a call to discuss your interests or special requests at 866-515-1323.

We will accept purchase orders from corporate, educational, non-profit and government organizations pending a credit review by our finance and accounting staff. Purchase orders must be signed documents that specify a shipping and billing address, the preferred shipping method and all relevant costs, including product prices, shipping, handling and taxes (if applicable). Requisitions, letters, faxes, or memos referencing a purchase order number will not be accepted. To place an order by purchase order, we must receive the signed purchase order by fax, email or postal mail. Please fax your purchase orders to 866-264-0005 or submit them via email to manager@ergobuyer.com. Some additional terms and conditions include:

  • The minimum purchase order amount we accept is $300
  • Payment terms are Net 30
  • We cannot take purchase orders over the phone
  • We do not accept international purchase orders
  • We must have a signed purchase order in house before processing your order
  • Purchase orders do not qualify for free shipping offers
  • We cannot accept your purchase order unless you fill out a Credit Application for a Business Account and agree to these terms. Please feel free call us at 866-515-1323 with any questions.