Supreme Anti-Fatigue Puzzle Piece Runners


The Smart Step Supreme Anti-Fatigue PuzzlePiece Runner has a patented design, constructed of a soft inner structure with an integral skin polyurethane resilient outer surface. The runner is ¾” thick and offers a great combination of comfort, slip resistance and durability. The innovative technology of the Smart Step Supreme Mat provides comfortable, consistent support that enables the muscles to contract and relax. This allows the body weight to frequently shift and rebalance itself while standing for long periods of time.

The Smart Step Supreme Anti-Fatigue PuzzlePiece Runner is designed with a gradual bevel that has an exclusive 2:1 ratio that dramatically reduces potential trip hazards and allows working stools and other equipment to easily roll onto the anti fatigue mat. It is warranted for five years against normal wear, through compression, delamination and rolled edges. Annual replacement costs are eliminated making the Smart Step Supreme Runner very cost efficient.  The PuzzlePiece Design System allows you to customize the length to accommodate all work areas. Unlike one piece rolled mats, the puzzle pieces can be easy dismantled for moving and cleaning.
The Smart Step Supreme Runner has proven to reduce costly injuries, sick days, health care expenses and workman’s compensation claims all while improving productivity and overall morale.

  • Constructed of integral-skin polyurethane
  • 3/4" SmartTech™ Polyurethane Technology
  • 99.99% Anti-Microbial
  • Will not separate, bubble, or delaminate
  • Slip resistant, easy to clean with any household cleaner
  • Trip resistant tapered edges – gradual bevel with exclusive 2:1 ratio
  • Comprehensive 10 Year Warranty
  • Manufactured in the United States

Lead time up to 20 business days