Shimpo FGV Digital Force Gauge Physical Therapy Testing Kits


For muscle strength and ergonomic force testing, the Shimpo FGV Digital Force Gauge Physical Therapy/Ergonomic Testing Kits have just the right ingredients for the professional Physical Therapist, or Ergonomist. Lightweight, rugged and attractive, these kits are great for Isokinetic testing and job task analysis. The PT kits with digital force gauges are ergonomically crafted and are easy to operate. In addition, the FGV-PT series kits are equipped with free software for Force data collection.

All kits are capable of displaying peak compression, tension or real time forces. These handsome padded kits are furnished with padded ERGO accessories, handle adapters and N.I.S.T. traceable certificates of calibration. The digital PT Kits are ideal for A.D.A Compliance, workplace design and ergonomic studies.


  • Highly accurate (+/- 0.2% F.S.)
  • Peak measurement is captured with a single push button
  • Reversible keypad - Easy to read upside down or right side up
  • 1000 Hz update rate
  • Variable display rate - Slow display update rate for operator ease
  • High Overload capacity: 200% F.S. - leads to fewer repairs
  • Heavy-duty load sensor - Designed for over 1 million operations
  • Variable baud rate, RS-232C and analog outputs (FGV-X models) - Ideal for SPC data collection and gauge control
  • Variable units of measure (Oz., lbs., Kg, N) - one button selection
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum construction
  • Two heavy-duty knurled steel handles
  • Removable hanger
  • Ability to capture the highest compression/tension force
  • Dual power capable, AC line voltage or rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries (operates continuously for 12 hours when fully charged)
  • Selectable, automatic on/off ability
  • Includes RS-232 cable
  • Low battery warning when on battery power

Complete Kit Includes

  • FGV Force Gauge: FGV-PT100, FGV-PT200, or FGV-PT500
  • AC adaptor/ battery charger
  • RS232 cable
  • Carrying case
  • (2) handles attach to either side of the gauge
  • (1) flat pad
  • (2) curved pads
  • Chisel head, flat head, notched head, hanger, cone head,
  • Hook
  • Extension rod (3.5")
  • M10 Thread Adapter
  • Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Torimon-X Software (download online)

*If downloading data to a laptop an additional cable (USB to Serial Port) may be needed.

Physical Therapy Kits Data Sheet