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Perfect Pressure Point Gelepad (GP)


Gelepad Description
The Gelepad is a personal comfort pad that delivers instant and long lasting comfort anywhere you experience pain and soreness on your elbows, arms and legs from sitting in one location for extended periods of time. Made with medical quality gel and covered in a soft durable fabric, the Gelepad duplicates the feeling of soft human muscle. With its stick anywhere reusable adhesive, the attractively designed Gelepad can be applied to the hard surfaces of vehicles, office chairs and desk, wherever you need cushioning comfort. Once you try the Gelepad, you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

Gelepad Features/Benefits

  • Ultra soft gel that duplicates the feeling of soft human muscle, providing endless comfort
  • Superior gel elasticity and rebound comfortably conforms to the body without bottoming out or deforming
  • Pebble surface provides cooling touch to the skin and additional cushion
  • Gelepad stick anywhere adhesive can be applied to any non-fabric surface
  • Reusable adhesive allows for relocation and repositioning specific to your needs.
  • The Gelepad is hand washable and the adhesive can be restored with rubbing alcohol, delivering a long product life.
  • Durable 4 way stretch fabric transfers the cushioning properties of the ultra-soft gel providing for superior comfort.
  • Multiple sizes to easily fit wherever you need more comfort.

The Gelepad works anywhere you need additional cushion for the hard parts of your body. To apply to any non-fabric surface, just peel the cover from the back of the Gelepad and apply to the clean surface. Common applications are:

  • Vehicles: Window sill, door armrest, center console, center armrest, center tunnel and door where your leg rest
  • Office: Chair armrest, edge of desk for wrist/arm, under desk for knee, wrist for mouse pad, edge of laptop
  • Medical: Medical examination chair armrest, wheel chairs
  • Therapy: Providing comfort for medical conditions and injury such as: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow, Ulnar Nerve Compression, Ulnar Collateral Ligament
  • Industrial/Commercial: Repetitive work relief, industrial vehicles
  • Home: Armrest of chairs and sofas, lawn chairs, office chair
  • Play: Gaming, hunting stand, fishing, boats


  • Sizes: 2x5 oval, 3x6, 2x9 and 3x8 by ½ inch thick with a pebble surface and reusable gel based adhesive.
  • Composition: The Gelepad consist of an ultra-soft medical quality gel interior and a high quality and durable 4 way stretch fabric on the top side. The bottom adhesive is a harder version of the gel that provides the right amount of adhesion without leaving any staining or stickiness on the surface to which it is applied. The bottom gel provides a durable adhesion to the fabric creating a tight seal of the ultra-soft gel.
  • Warranty: 180 days

Universal Mounting Base: The Gelepad Universal Base provides for a convenient method of attaching the Gelepad to fabric armrest that can have a strap wrapped around it. Contains: 1 each 3 x 8 and 2 x 9 inch attachment plate and 2 – 16 inch straps with buckle.

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Warranty: Warranty: 180 days