ConSet 501-29 Electric Height Adjustable 2-Leg Desk

501-29 8S084--

The  ConSet 501-29 Electric Height Adjustable 2-Leg Desk is perfect for taller individuals. At its fully extended height it measures 52 inches, Extremely strong and stable with its 220 Lbs lifting capacity. Five standard widths are available. Integrated with automatic safety stop functions. Removable top bracket allows for easy installation of keyboard support.

Flexibility and a great price are key to the ConSet 501-29 electric height adjustable desks. Five different frame sizes with your choice of a table top to match. The lifting capacity of the workstation is 220 pounds. A unique feature of the ConSet 501-29 workstation is the integrated safety stop system which contains a user rocker switch that has two buttons close together that must be pushed simultaneously for the workstation to move up and down. The switch allows the user to stop at any level. Advantageous for groups who share the same workstation or shift working environments.

NOTE: Not all configurations are available online. Please call us at 866-515-1323 for additional information. Thank you.

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  • Height adjustable from 24-13/16" to 51-3/16"
  • Please note this frame is not recommended for smaller statures in seated position, unless using a footrest or a keyboard tray
  • Removable top bracket allows for installation of keyboard tray
  • 220 lbs frame lifting capacity
  • Frame is offered in five standard widths, 32-7/8, 50-7/8", 56-11/16", 59-13/16", and 67-11/16"
  • Legs are constructed of steel, feet are 26-3/8" long
  • Each leg has adjustable glides
  • Glides can be replaced with casters
  • Adjusts 1" per second
  • Easy up and down operation with the added safety feature; 2 buttons must be pressed together to avoid accidental operation
  • Integrated cable management located between support brackets
  • Frame color: Silver (RAL 9006)
  • Laminate top and unique curved profile edge
  • 7/8" (22mm) thickness MDF
  • Color choice: Beech and Maple Veneers 
  • 2-year warranty on motorized parts, 5-year on metal parts

ConSet Series Comparison

Note: Since different table tops can be paired with different frames, there are no pre-drilled holes under the table tops.  You will need to drill the holes as part of the assembly process. 

ConSet products are designed and engineered in Denmark. Because ConSet manufactures their own Lift systems, adjustable leg columns and frames Ergobuyer can offer Adjustable Height Computer Desks at a reasonable price. At ConSet, large production series combined with systematic quality control gives products homogeneity, this way item 27 and 160 are identical. If ConSet has to choose between several solutions in construction, they always choose the least complex one. ConSet believes that large production series and low complexity make a low price. With ConSet products low price and high quality go together well; a win-win situation for all.

Environmental Considerations

ConSet A/S develops and manufactures in accordance with environmental law and based on the demands that are appropriate for each product group. There goal is to always look for ways to limit their environmental impact, both internally and externally. By having a clear environmental policy, they are able to achieve this to the benefit of all parties.

Quality policy and Quality control

Everyone in ConSet as well as ConSet suppliers conduct themselves critically to the quality of both products and working methods. The majority of the production units in Germany and China are ISO 9000 certified. This helps ensure that ConSet products are treated in the same way in EVERY production series. But most importantly, ConSet spends 100% perfectionism in the elaboration of production drawings and quality stipulations.