Backapp Active Chair


The Backapp chairs are designed to be used only for adjustable height desks or desk risers, and NOT for standard desk heights (29" to 30" surface height).

The Backapp adjustable active chair positions you in “neutral spine,” aligning your back and body for a healthier, natural sitting experience. The gentle cushioned and adjustable motion, and most importantly the open hip angle, allows you to achieve and maintain proper, balanced posture and fluid motion throughout the back, hips, and legs. You will feel dramatically more free, flexible, and energized.

On Backapp 2.0 you sit with your feet on a footrest padded with a soft damping material. The sitting position and the gentle motion ensure a wonderful sitting experience. This is a chair that gives you something extra. The gentle movement of the Backapp exercises the muscles that support the spine. The movement when sitting on the Backapp comes about because you constantly have to balance yourself.

The Backapp chair is available in black faux leather, alcantara (suede like) black, blue, anthracite, or red.  The wheel base is optional.  With the wheels the comfort of the original design is retained but with the ability to move the chair on the floor.

Buy the Backapp chair and try it for up to 30 days. If you are not satisfied with its performance, you have the right to return it and we will upon confirmed return refund your purchase in full, including return shipping.

Backapp offers a risk free trial period of up to 30 days under the following terms:

1. Customer must, when assembling the chair, use the seat mechanism separation tool (bushing) included in the box and insert it into the underseat mechanism per the assembly instruction sheet. This will enable you to easily separate these part should you decide to return the chair.
2. Customer must keep the original packaging and use it to re-pack the chair when returning the product.
3. Product to be returned must be packaged as it was originally packaged to properly fit into the box. Please take photos and follow the assembly instructions in reverse.
4. Customer is responsible for attaching the Return Shipping Label to the box and to take the box to a UPS facility drop-off. Customer must get a receipt from the UPS facility as proof that the box was dropped off and email the receipt to us.
5. Returned products that show damage to the seat upholstery or chair frame will be given only a partial refund of the purchase price, depending on the severity of the damage.


 How the Backapp Chair Works

How to Use Backapp Chair